Has anyone ese noticed that the FS Timeline just does not work? The storylines which are supposed to be consistent with one another just cannot have happened in the timeframe:

  • Locke gets a job in Ben's school, and must have been there for several days, and after the Alex incident. This must be at least a week after the O815 flight when he is knocked down by Desmond
  • Sayid arrives back on Wednesday; on Thursday his brother is in hospital; on Friday he killed Keamy, and found Jin in the fridge. Sayid returns to Nadia's house, but is captured by Sawyer.
  • Jin and Sun arrive at LA X; they have sex on Wednesday, and on Thursday Jin is in the fridge, and Sun is brought to the restaurant to find Keamy dead. Sun is then taken to the hospital on Thursday.
  • Sawyer arrives back on Wednesday. On Thursday he is involved in an undercover operation, and that night he ends up in bed with Charlotte. On Friday night he dines alone, and tries to meet Charlotte again, but is rejected. After this (at least Saturday) he is called to the restaurant, and to catch Sayid on Saturday
  • Charlie is arrested, but gets released by Desmond on Wednesday or Thursday. Liam is still trying to get Charlie released on Friday.
  • Desmond arrives and by Thursday he has had released Charlie from Jail, and crashed into the dock. He met Penny on Thursday or Friday at the latest. After this (at least Saturday) he finds Hurley, who has met Libby previously. Libby & Hurley's date must have been on a Sunday or Monday, as Desmond goes to Locke's school after this. This means it must have been Monday afternoon at the earliest when he ran over Locke. Locke gets taken to the hospital on Monday.
  • Jack arrives back and has his father's funeral, and goes to David's recital on the Friday. The meeting with Ilana must have taken place after that (either Saturday or Monday); he gets paged to go to deal with Locke.


  • According to Sawyer's timetable, he captures Sayid on Saturday. According to Sayid's timetable he is captured on Friday; according to Jin & Sun's it is Thursday.
  • According to Sun's timetable, she gets taken to the hospital on Thursday; she sees Locke there. However, Locke was not taken there until Monday at the earliest.

Either I am barking up the wrong tree completely, or there is something radically wrong here. Please note that these are not the only anomalies:

  • Sayid has the wrong nationality
  • On the plane Kate is prevented from using a metal knife & fork (Ok, it's a fictional situation, but metal???)
  • Sawyer's age is 9, not 8 when his parents were killed
  • Chang is shown as the same age as when he was in Dharma.

If this were a single, or possibly a couple of anomalies, we could excuse this as 'writer carelessness', but this number of errors would signify either a cavalier disregard by the writers for the niceties of fiction-writing in relation to the timescale and sequencing of events, or it is meant to signify that in the FST we have a 'Time out of Joint' (story by Philip K. Dick) situation, in which reality is not what it seems, and the FST is the "mirage" pulled over the Losties eyes to blind them to their true reality.

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