In the Original Timeline:

Hawking & Widmore are on the Same Team

  1. Hawking steers Faraday from music to physics. She ensures that he stays on track and is not distracted by girlfriends. Widmore funds Faraday's Research. Hawking provides Faraday with a notebook she has seen previously when she killed him. Widmore employs him on the Kahana to get back to the island. Hawking then kills him.
  2. Hawking knows the Abbot at the monastery where Desmond was a novice. She intervened in the ring shop to tell him what to do. Widmore funded a round the world yacht race, and by his actions ensured that Desmond was on it. Desmond goes to Widmore for Hawkings' address which he has.

Hawking spouts a lot of nonsense about "the Universe course correcting"; in the case of Faraday, and Desmond, the "way of course correcting" is Hawking and Widmore, who appear to be working towards the same objectives. Hawking/Widmore may not be a couple, but they are clearly working on the same team.

If they are "correcting" the course of the Universe, then on whose say so, and why?

After Locke has turned the wheel, he meets Widmore. Widmore clearly states that Locke must get the O6 back. Abbadon is there, to "get people where they need to be". Abbadon is on Team Widmore.

NOTE: Abbadon was the one who persuaded Locke to go on a Walkabout. (Another "course correction" = steering)

in 2007 Jacob & Widmore have common objectives

(i.e. Objective = get the O6 back on the island)

  1. Jacob tells Hurley to get on the plane
  2. Jacob has an "intervention" with Nadia, which results in Nadia getting killed. If this had not happened, (or something else to kill off Nadia), there is no way that Sayid would have returned.
  3. Jacob asks Ilana to do a job, which results in Sayid getting on the plane.

At the very least, Jacob and Widmore are working towards the same objectives. Another interpretation of this, is that Jacob is playing for team Widmore, or vice-versa.

Locke: a complex interlocking puzzle:

On the island in 2004, Ben shot Locke and he fell in the Dharma pit. Locke would have been killed by Ben if he had had a kidney. Losing a kidney to his father saved Locke's life (at that point). However, the interaction with his father caused Locke's obsession, which resulted in his father throwing him from a window. Jacob saved him - another "course correction"; Locke is subsequently persuaded to go on a walkabout by Abbadon ("course correction"). Note that this means that Abbadon's actions are contingent on Jacob's. Result: Locke ends up on 815. This needs both Abbadon & Jacob's interventions. Lose either, Locke is not on the plane. Again, not "the universe course correcting" but deliberate steering. However, this also means that Locke is being played, not by Cooper, but by Widmore/Jacob. The question is, whether, in fact Cooper actually did take his son's kidney, and whether or not that and the defenestration were all part of the same plan. Note that Jacob was expecting the defenestration.

Again, Jacob is either playing for team Widmore, or, as is more likely, Widmore is playing for team Jacob, and/or there is some deeply underhand stuff going on here. Clearly, Jacob and Widmore have at the very least been in some sort of communication. However, Widmore is an exiled ex-leader. But is he?

Bram, Ilan, Ben, Locke: all smoke & mirrors

There is a lot of smoke & mirrors going on here, as Jacob/Widmore appear to have similar objectives but employ different people.

  1. Bram was on Ilana's team in 2007, and indicated he was there to protect Jacob. However, he bundled Miles into a van in 2004, asking him the (Jacob) shadow question, and telling him not to work for Widmore. This is potentially confusing as in 2007 Widmore and Ilana were apparently working towards the same goals: to get the O6 back on the island.
  2. This means that in 2004 Bram was working for Team Jacob, and trying to stop Miles working for Team Widmore.
  3. When Ben left the island, because he was convinced his time as leader was over, initially he claimed to be "protecting" the O6. He also claimed that Sayid was killing Widmore's associates. A conversation between Ben/Widmore clearly indicates they are on opposing sides, and they kill/attempt to kill each others' daughters.
  4. When Locke told Ben that he was to see Eloise Hawking, he was murdered by Ben. Clearly Ben needed to prevent Locke and Hawking having a conversation. This means that Hawking (and presumably Widmore), know some secret related to Ben, which Locke needed to be prevented from knowing.
  5. Subsequently, Ben also seemed to be working to get the O6 back on the island, an objective which is clearly consistent with Team Widmore.
  6. On the island in 2007, Ben killed Caesar, one of Ilana's Team, then subsequently killed Jacob.

This is total and utter confusion, unless one of two things is the case: [A] Unknown to us, some people changed sides, or changed objectives at various points [B] Some of then people were not who they appeared to be, and were in fact Nemesis and/or Jacob masquerading as various individuals [C] Jacob is doing some underhanded double-dealing with both sides, for reasons of his own.

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