Up to episode 6: Sundown we have encountered the following people in the FST: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Hurley, Boone, Linus, Jin, Sun, Sayid, Nadia, Dogen, Arzdt, Sawyer, Frogurt, Keamy, Rose, Bernard, and I have probably missed some very important people. However, out of that List, Jack is the only one who seems to be having trouble remembering:

  1. the haematoma on his neck on the plane
  2. The peculiar look he exchanged with Kate as Kate was driving off in the cab at the airport
  3. His appendix scar
  4. How long his son had been playing the piano

He also had difficulty trying to place Desmond. (I deliberately left Desmond off the list, becuse it is not sure he was on the plane). What is clear from all this, is that there HAS been some 'fiddling' with the timeline. However, it appears that only Jack can recognise this.

I think this is a crucial observation. I have seen many theories about time loops, "wish fulfilment", resets, divergent timelines caused by the bomb, MiB giving people what they want and a whole load of things. However I have seen no theory which would explain in any of these scenarios why one man, one man out of the entire universe should be the only person who remembers what has gone before. I think the Desmond incident was there precisely to make this point. We know that Desmond was "special", and had remembered changes to time through several course corrections. Here, Desmond (if he exists at all and is not just Jack's hallucination) is obviously not special, or has lost these qualities. Only Jack seems to be aware that something has happened, and something is not quite right.

I have no idea what happened, and I have no theory to explain this, nor do I have an inkling of what one would look like. I just know that the series MUST end by explaining how Jack was on the plane and how he got the blood on his neck, and why he can't remember. The explanation for that must involve Jack and everyone else forgetting what happened "before", but whatever happens to Jack is unique, and he is the only one with a chance of remembering ...

My only speculation is around the fact that Jacob said "Jack is here to do something, and he has to work out what it is". Whatever this thing is that Jack is here to do, is the thing that makes him special, this thing is the thing which ultimately leads to him having the blood on his neck, and everyone being back on the plane.

Someone in a query to one of my posts asked me why I was analyzing everything, and not taking Juliet's word at face value: "It worked", i.e. the bomb went off & there was a reset. Perhaps its that I have spent too long watching old Columbo Movies. There's always something not quite right, a piece of loose thread that niggles him. Pretty soon he begins to pull at the loose thread, and the whole thing begins to unravel. Lost is exactly like that. Little clues start off little, like a little clinking sound where there shouldn't be one. You pick at them, and suddenly you discover not just a piece of metal, but a whole hatch, connected to an entire Dahrma Station, only one part of a whole Dharma Initiative. You have to niggle, you have to pick; Lost's like that.

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