I feel really sorry now that Lost has ended, because the facts are plain. We have all been duped. I know hardly anyone will agree with me, but that does not mean I am wrong. Today has put me in mind of Rhinoceros by Ionesco. This play is often seen by some as a diatribe against communism or fascism. However, it also represents one person attempting to swim against a tide of what he sees as dangerous nonsense, and trying to stop his friends from joining in.

To see that the writers have duped us, you only have to look at the blogs to see the wild theories that are being put forward to explain what occurred in the last episode. Wild theories are fine, leading up to the last episode, but when you have a situation in which a series is finished, and hardly anyone can agree on why things happened the way they did, and people have to explain apparent contradictions in the plot by invoking highly convoluted arguments based on suppositions that are even more improbable than things we have seen, and using self-circular arguments that such as "so & so couldn't move on, because they still needed to work things out", then please, please step back from all this. For god's sake look at what this has become. In order to reconcile the irreconcilable, everyone is having to jump through hoops within hoops, all of our own devising in order to solve plot contradictions, and character inconsistencies that really should not be necessary.

All of this maelstrom has been caused by an incoherent mess of a last episode, which to be quite frank was over-schmaltzy and relied far too heavily on past clips to be fully effective. Here I do agree that the writers have been clever; they have successfully managed to divert attention away from the fact that they have not actually even bothered to nod in the direction of answering any of the fundamental mysteries set up right at the beginning. What exactly is the island? I am now hearing rhinoceroses talking the language of "I'm glad they didn't tell me", or "It's much better left as a mystery". No it damned well isn't! Whatever the island is or was, was fundamental to the story. Without knowing what it was, we are missing a whole chunk of the island story. This island was no 'light in a cave'; there was a mechanism, someone created it, and for a purpose. Somewhere in history, someone knew what it was, and was able to manipulate it. We should at least have been party to whatever knowledge those people had.

I know I will just get trampled in the stampede here, and everyone will totally disagree, but sometime, somewhere when the ending mania has died away, many people will see Lost for what it was, and sadly, what it became: a good idea, which fizzled out after about two seasons, the last 4 seasons being disparate ideas thrown together with no real overarching narrative, an idea about mysteries that escalated out of control of the writers, and an ending which should have been consigned to the computer wastebasket after the first draft.

I think I need to stop blogging on here, because quite honestly, I no longer have any worthwhile contribution to make to this site, and I just cannot stand being trampled by hooves.

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