We are ten episodes in to Season 6, 67.5% of the way through, and the Flash-Sideways has not progressed beyond Wednesday 29th September 2004.

We have precious few facts about the FS Characters that we have gleaned about then which refer to their lives before O815. Before you start shouting, please remember one thing, while it might be true that these characters do have lots of things in common with their OT counterparts, we cannot assume that anything is the same unless we are told. Sayid has an Iranian, not an Iraqi passport. Nadia is Married to Sayid's brother; Sun & Jin are unmarried. Effectively we have a bunch of people here, in a very small timeframe who appear, on the surface to share some personality characteristics and history with the OT Losties. However, this is no parallel world where the same events play out despite people attempting to alter them; there are different people on the plane in FST/OT, and the events which took people to Australia may have been the same for some people, but were different for others (e.g. While Locke may have tried to go on Walkabout, Hurley cannot have gone looking for the numbers)

This is presenting us with a mystery, which has not really advanced beyond the opening of LA X, Part 1. In effect, all that the FST has shown us is

  • At times, one or two of the characters, like Jack in that first moment, sense that the FST is not quite right
  • Some events in the FST match some events in the OT, but the matching appears to be random
  • The FST/OT characters share the same personalities and characteristics.

In fact, we had that purely from watching the behaviour of the FS people on the plane.

The question therefore remains, why have D & C spent so long developing the FST, and why has it not progressed into October?

OK here is my theory, (which I hope is wrong)

  1. D & C cannot tell us what the FST is until the 2007 OT events on the island have played out; for some reason this would give the game away. Once we know what happens as the result of the war on on the island, the meaning of the FST will become clear.
  2. The events on the island in 2007 will destroy the island, the OT, and all that will be left is the FST
  3. If D & C had only introduced the plane as a 'teaser', and then got on with the island story, we would never had time to become emotionally attached to the FS characters, and never understood that these were real, living breathing counterparts. In other words, we are meant to see them as just another aspect of Jack, Kate, in the same way their flashback and flashforward characters were. This is so that we do not think that Kate, Jack from S1-5 are all killed.
  4. Events in the FST have not progressed beyond the end of Septemvber, because some crucial event in the OT is about to take place.
  5. That event must necessarily involve the MiB's escape from the OT.

My money is on FS Locke being MiB.

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