Ok, forget the criticism of Beyond the Sea, let's look at the reality.

Every time we think we are about to meet someone who knows something about the island, we find out that actually they know nothing.

  • Danielle was the first they met, but she was just as Lost as the Losties
  • Desmond was completely Lost
  • The Others should have known what was gong on, but Ben was as Lost as everyone else
  • Dharma tried to figure it out, but they just Lost themselves
  • Richard was the adviser, but he turned out to be completely Lost
  • Jacob & MiB were the supernatural entities, but now it turns out they are just as Lost as everyone else
  • The mystery woman who raised jacob/MiB was Lost and completely out of it.

Therefore, the conclusion has to be that no one ever knew what was going on, the rules are a complete fiction, no one knows what the source is, no one knows what happened when MiB turned into black smoke, nothing. Every time someone gets close to understanding the island (MiB's mates, or Dharma), they get killed off by the island protector. However, the island protector him or herself actually has no idea who or what they are protecting or even if it needs protecting. Have I got this right?

The one thing that occurs to me is whatever the island source is, it inhibits the part of your brain function that causes you to question things. This may seem like a flippant quip, but I mean it as a serious hypothesis. I can understand that in Ab Aeterno Richard, landing on the island could be led to believe (in his own terms) that he was in hell, and Jacob was the Devil, but the next question should have been, "If Jacob is the devil, then who the hell are you, and why do you want me to kill him?", and "How am I a mere mortal supposed to kill the devil when God does not appear either to want to do so, or be able to do it?" I can also understand that Jacob with his limited understanding of the world that he had in the 1st Century AD might have accepted an explanation about the source that that there is a little bit of it everyone, and there may not be an answer to anything beyond that, but his "mother" tells him the source needs protecting. The first and most fundamental question is "What from?" , then "How do you know that?", and "If it is so powerful, why does it need a protector?". These are not 'mysteries' which need answers, but are valid questions about the motivation of characters. Without my 'inhibition' hypothesis above, is it reasonable that Jacob would accept his role without question, especially when he has learnt that his mother is not his mother, that she has slaughtered MiB's mates. In other words, the source or wahtever it is, is interfering with the normal mental faculties of the brain. It is inhibiting rational behaviour. MiB was special; perhaps he was not affected, and perhaps he could carry on behaving rationally in its presence, asking sensible questions (but not receiving any answers).

The hypothesis here is that the 'source' on the island is a 'source of faith', which inhibits rational thought. In other words, if it gets loose, then in mankind, all rational behaviour will be removed entirely or repressed totally and this will be superseded by an entirely 'faith-driven' motivation, where people do not question anything, and where science falls, and humanity returns to the age where we accepted what we were told without question, had faith in our parents, leaders and everyone else. Sounds to some like a golden age, but the consequences would be catastrophic. The irony is, in order to prevent this from getting off the island, you need a protector who will accept without reason what they need to to in order to do it. Once you start delving into it, trying to understand it, you are Lost, and if it escapes, Everyone will be Lost.

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