I may post what I actually thought of The End at another point; however, for now, I would just be happy if someone could provide some answers for me:

  1. Why did Jack and/or Desmond and/or Ben not turn into a Smoke Monster when they went into the light?
  2. Why did MiB not just disintegrate when Desmond turned off the power? He had no physical form, had lost all his smoke powers, and therefore had no body.
  3. What happened to Christian's body on the island?
  4. How come Hurley who had been the new new Jacob, needed waking up by Desmond in the afterlife? (Shouldn't this really have been Hurley's Job, especially, as if, we take Hurley&Ben to have been 1 & 2 on the island ?)
  5. In the afterlife, Charlie appeared to be the one to wake Desmond up; why did he then go back to sleep again, until he met Claire?
  6. Why were Richard and Jacob and MiB not there in the afterlife?
  7. What exactly was the threat that was posed by MiB, and why he could not be let off the island?
  8. Why, if this is ultimate 'wish fulfilment', and everyone getting together with the great loves that they found in their lives, was Sayid with Shannon, and not with Nadia. In the real world (if I understand it right), he actually married the love of his life, Nadia. If everyone is getting together with their one true loves, then why is Sayid with Shannon, whom he only met for a couple of sweaty dates, and not with Nadia whom he shared so much heartache, pain, and from whom he was separated so abruptly (by Jacob).
  9. Why did Jack get a small recurrent cut on his neck, when this was simply a small flesh wound, similar to loads of others he had received many times, and di not cause his death; he actually died from either a massive "messiah-sized wound in his side", or a blast of radiation.
  10. How come people can die in the afterlife?

I have at least 100 more, all caused by the events of The End, which, I must say contained at least as many unanswered questions probably as the rest of S6 put together.

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