I just want to say, a very very big than you to all of those who gave me support in my hour of need. I have been overwhelmed by people who have gone out on a limb to argue my case with sysops, and I just really need to say that it's times like this that you know who your friends are, and who they are not.(Hint) I am sure that I do not have to say this, but please rest assured that I am not, never have been and will never be, a Spoiler, and as far as I am concerned, the less said about the whole episode the better, .

On another note, I was very saddened that DaemonRising was a casualty round about the same time as me. I saw some of the history of the events as they unfolded, and I saw what happened. I can understand why DaemonRising felt disappointed in the Sysops, however, I take a completely different perspective on this. Sysops are human beings with frailties & foibles just like you & I. They are doing a job which is difficult, they are volunteers, and they are doing what they believe is right. I personally do not have any issues with any sysops on this wiki. For the most part, they probably do not have a lot of experience at handling conflict, and they are only doing what they think is expected of them. This may not always be the most appropriate course of action, (who would seriously expect it to be?) and can sometimes lead to decisions being made which, if they were to happen in real life, could possibly lead people to feel aggrieved. In real life, you are able to confront to the person concerned, and negotiate some sort of resolution. However, this is Lostpedia, it's a wiki, and it's not real life. Neither DaemonRising nor Sean Sheep nor the sysops are "real" people, they are avatars, and their behaviour is confined by the "rules". The problem is that rules are only as good as their interpretation, and one person's interpretation of the rules is not necessarily the same as another's. Therein lies the conflict. We never resolve conflict by taking polarised positions; that only exacerbates the conflict and forces people to become more entrenched in their views. Anyway, I didn't want this paragraph to deteriorate into a metaphysical discussion of how we should interact on a wiki, merely to say that I really enjoyed DaemonRising's posts, and, if you are still out there, reading this, please please consider coming back. You are sadly missed.

All I want to do now is get back to blogging, editing and generally irritating the life out of those people who would not recognise a theory if it fell out of a tree, chased them through the jungle and bit them on the bum, as well as my first love, posting completely outrageous theories: some of which I urgently need to release from my User Page.

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