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February 4, 2010
  • Sean Sheep

    I just rewatched the whole of Lost and it was purrfect.

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  • Sean Sheep

    For those of you who may have missed this, on the Day of Disappointment for thousands of hard SF buffs the world over, Harcourt posted this on his User Page.

    It is a suggestion for a what he calls a deconstruction, but what I would call a re-interpretation of Lost, that what we see on screen is a 'fiction through the eyes of the participants', and that everything which happens actually has an underlying, rational explanation, rooted in real phenomena, and can be explained using known scientific principles, even if those principles invoke things which are only partially understood, or speculative. In other words, whatever went on during the 121 episodes of Lost, can be incorporated within the canon of 'hard' science fiction. (See here for a…

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  • Sean Sheep

    ---Spoilers Ahead: Do not read if you have never read or seen 1984, A Clockwork Orange or Brideshead Revisited---

    Very rarely in fiction, do I take a dislike to the way something ends. I respect the fact that the writers have created their world, mapped out what they wanted to do, and finished their story in the way they thought brought about the most satisfactory conclusion.

    There have been times though, when endings have really annoyed me, and caused me real anguish.

    In George Orwell's 1984, the last line is that Winston Smith "... had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.". Winston has spent the whole novel, resisting, subverting, being a rebel. When I read this last line at the age of 17, I literally threw the book at the w…

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  • Sean Sheep

    I feel really sorry now that Lost has ended, because the facts are plain. We have all been duped. I know hardly anyone will agree with me, but that does not mean I am wrong. Today has put me in mind of Rhinoceros by Ionesco. This play is often seen by some as a diatribe against communism or fascism. However, it also represents one person attempting to swim against a tide of what he sees as dangerous nonsense, and trying to stop his friends from joining in.

    To see that the writers have duped us, you only have to look at the blogs to see the wild theories that are being put forward to explain what occurred in the last episode. Wild theories are fine, leading up to the last episode, but when you have a situation in which a series is finished,…

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  • Sean Sheep

    I may post what I actually thought of The End at another point; however, for now, I would just be happy if someone could provide some answers for me:

    1. Why did Jack and/or Desmond and/or Ben not turn into a Smoke Monster when they went into the light?
    2. Why did MiB not just disintegrate when Desmond turned off the power? He had no physical form, had lost all his smoke powers, and therefore had no body.
    3. What happened to Christian's body on the island?
    4. How come Hurley who had been the new new Jacob, needed waking up by Desmond in the afterlife? (Shouldn't this really have been Hurley's Job, especially, as if, we take Hurley&Ben to have been 1 & 2 on the island ?)
    5. In the afterlife, Charlie appeared to be the one to wake Desmond up; why did he then go ba…
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