Picture This

Last episode of Series….!

The Island gets moved again and re-appears very close to New York City. Instead of the remaining losties thinking they’re safe and have found rescue they look towards the New York skyline and all they can see a great horizon of Fire, Ash and Smoke.

At that moment in time when the losties realise that the end of the world has happened Jacob appears and tells them that the reason why they are all on the island is because they would be the only group of people that would survive the end of the world and somehow manage to re-populate the Earth and Jacob doesn’t want this.

Jacob then tells us of the existence of another island much like the one 815 survivors are on and he tells us that the other island held 15 survivors which crashed there during the Second World War. They were all Nazis and their island would jump into the future and the Nazis actually found out who the survivors of the end of the world were, so they came up with a plan to put a bomb on Oceanic 815 to crash on the island so that the survivors would never get off.

Then we realise that Jacob is a Nazi and then just guns down all the survivors as except for one, Jack. Christian (His Dad steps out of the jungle and shoots jack in the back).

The End.

What do you think, lol

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