b'okay, so. the ash circles keep out the s-monster, ya? then why was there ash round jacobs cabin? if smokey can't hurt jacob without using some loophole, who was in the cabin that needed protection? it wasn't trapping smokey inside cause he was all over the place. i'm also with the peeps who wanna know why there was no ash around the 4 toed statue and temple to begin with. my thoughts that jacob is the antagonist in the show grow daily. i mean, flocke says he wants to go home and we know jacob can go anywhere he wants to seemingly. if the smoke monster is so badass why does he let those deemed worthy live and only kill the non repentant? mib seems saddened to see the black rock approach, realizing they would just be used in jacobs machinations. wow, thats a bunch of random crap. should i press save page?....yes...yes i will

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