Jacob is a douche. (- -)

Scottnjodi February 27, 2010 User blog:Scottnjodi

K- Just rewatched from The Incident up to The Lighthouse and I seriously think Jacob is a jerkwad. After hearing his talky talk with the MIB in TI, it super seems the MIB is tired of Jacobs bringing peeps to the island and having his way with their lives.The MIB is like "enuff already, lets just be done with this", and means to do it by wacking Jacob to end his machinations (diction award!). He sounds crazy condescending everytime he talks to Hurley and it super pisses me off. I have it in my head that Jacob is a conniving puppet master now and if I'm wrong I hope this doesn't skew the season for me before the big pay-off.

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