• Sciencevsfaith

    Really, wow. What was the point? Honestly. Multiple centric episodes tend to be frantic, as we saw with the multiple centric episodes of season 5. I understand that in order to move the plot, we can't always concentrate on just one character, but I feel like the last few episodes lost the flow of the earlier episodes in the season.

    That was by far the most depressing episode of the entire show.

    The upside is, we got a few extremely powerful scenes.

    I'm going to go wallow in despair for an hour or so.

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  • Sciencevsfaith

    So, we still haven't seen much of Frank's background. Lost has been tricky with these kinds of things. Sometimes, we never get to see a characters background, like Libby. Other times, as in the case of Charlotte, we are shown the character's story in a different context, indirectly. For instance, we never got a look into llana's past. However, this could easily be shown to us from Jacob's point of view.

    Then there's the Lost habit of killing characters in their centric episode. Is it possible that we will get a glance at Frank's background, then he will be killed at the end of the episode? This could possibly be justified with the mysterious outrigger chase from season 5. Maybe Frank will be shot and killed by the time jumping losties. This…

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