Something that is bugging me after watching Dead is Dead, is the wording that Charles Widmore uses about the way in which he left the Island. I looked at the transcript on this website for The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, where Widmore tells Locke, "I was afraid Benjamin might fool you into leaving the Island, as he did with me. I was their leader." However, in Dead is Dead, it seems that Charles has been forced into leaving for good because be broke the rules by leaving periodically, even fathering a child (Penny?) with "an outsider" on one of these trips.

Unless Ben lied about there being a rule to say that either leaving the Island periodically or having a child with "an outsider" is not allowed (which is, of course, possible - especially because this is Ben), it seems that Widmore was not 'fooled' into leaving, but commanded to because of 'the rules'.

I think it is more likely that the rule broken by Charles was having a child with an outsider, as we have seen a photograph of Ben off Island - at least, that is what we were lead to believe. (Remember the photo shown by Miles, was it?)

Does anyone have any ideas about how Charles' wording - that he was 'fooled' - could make sense?

On a separate note, I'm really happy with the way that Ben being judged was dealt with. I was wondering how the monster would communicate with Ben, and I think it was done very well. He was informed by the monster of exactly what he was being judged for by showing him pictures from his past, and then the monster took the form of Alex, whom Ben effectively killed, to speak to him. Very clever! And I love that Ben now has to follow Locke's orders :-D

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