I feel like I'm 'getting used to' Lost now; just before the boy was revealed to be Ben, I was convinced that it was Ben, simply because they were hiding his face from us for so long!

Did the young Ben revalation make anyone else wonder just how much Ben really knows in the present? I'll be honest... it scares me a little! Those evil stares of his... *shudder*. If he has met Sayid, then I would guess that he has met some of the other time-travelling losties - except, perhaps, Jin, because he seemed genuinly surprised when Locke told him that Jin was alive. It also makes me wonder if the mysterious 'her' that Juliet looks like... is Juliet?

When Frank and Sun got back to the main Island, before Christian Shephard appeared, did anyone else hear those whispers? I'm convinced that I heard them say "Stay outside" - did anyone else hear that or anything else?

Another thought I had a little while ago is to do with the volcano that apparently exists on the Island. When a volcano erupts, we all know what damage is caused. However, when a volcano erupts from beneath the sea, it can actually create islands. Perhaps that's how The Island first came into existance? See for a little more info - skip to pdf page 8, which says that the islands of Hawaii were formed in this way. Where is it that Lost is filmed? :-P

And just an amusing little aside to end with... anagrams have been used as clues to foreshadow what was going to be revealed in future episodes, for example, the name on the van was an anagram of reincarnation - foreshadowing what happened with Locke. Here's one that i found amusing - dharma is an anagram of 'had arm' - poor Pierre Chang! Another one I found was an anagram for Benjamin Linus, probably of no importance to the show but interesting nonetheless - I blame Jin n Sun.

Thanks for reading though my random thoughts. I'd love to hear what you think, particularly about those whispers!

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