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  • Sawyerslawyer


    August 19, 2012 by Sawyerslawyer

    Walt's birthday is this Friday and I was thinking of having a surprise party for him. Can anyone tell me why Eloise didn't make Ben have John include Walt in those who must return to the Island? Ben obviously had the wherewithal to get Sayid on the plane. And no Desmond? It took Widmore's greed to get that Package to return. Why didn't Charles just kidnap Walt, Aaron AND Ji Yeon if they "never should have left"? It can't be that Ji Yeon (KWON 42) isn't connected to the Island - she was conceived there. It can't be that Aaron (LITTLETON 313) isn't connected to the Island - he was born there and Claire was fated to 815. It can't be that Walt (DAWSON 124) isn't connected to the Island - he's a whisper......... So, what if they all wen…

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  • Sawyerslawyer

    2 Years!

    May 24, 2012 by Sawyerslawyer

    Can you believe it's been 2 years since....? It's been two years shipwrecked from a 1988 science experiment. It's been two years at Santa Rosa in room 23 waiting for Hurley to show up. It's been two years since Mother has been unable to breast feed litte Jacob and little Barry...............

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  • Sawyerslawyer

    The number 23

    February 25, 2012 by Sawyerslawyer

    Why do people assume #23 Shephard - is Jack? It could be Christian. When Jack saw his home where he grew up in the Lighthouse, it was really Christian's home. Also, in What They Died For, Jack gets the water, and is told "You're like me now," but it didn't stop him from being killed by MIB/corporeal Person. And when he gave the water to Hurley, who's to say it did anything? Except for having the ability to move off-Island at varioud TIMES, there really isn't any special healing power that is definitive. We see Jacob with Ilana, but did he heal her, really? And with John after he gets tossed 8 stories, isn't it just enough time for someone who got the wind knocked out of them and in excruciating pain to - wake up? The fact is when yo…

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  • Sawyerslawyer

    How have you managed to disassociate yourselves from reality for a period nearly twice as long as WWII without rescuing the Losties? Following Jacob are we? Guess what...the feeling of getting to the island becuse it would be awesome is not edible. Sawyer says "scram." Walt says "kill 'em all." Who the hell ARE you? You celebrate plane crashes and mass death? Child kidnapping and mass murder? The island is the place you're not looking chumps; you're LOST. Congratulations on something ya'll and the producers had nothing to do with. Hey next year will be 8! Maybe Hurley can crap gold for you after he eats the Hurley bird he got out of his backyard...probably not. Curiosity...curious

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