Sometime during the 1800s, a blond man is in a stone-columned room beneath the four-toed statue, spinning thread for a tapestry he is weaving. He is wearing a handmade white tunic and using a long-bladed knife. Outside on the beach, he snares a fish in a wicker trap, then fillets and cooks it on a rock over a fire. As he eats, he watches a ship sailing on the horizon. Another man, wearing a handmade black shirt, approaches him. He asks how the ship found the Island and accuses the blond man of having brought it there. The man claims that it "always ends the same," with destruction and corruption, when people are brought to the Island. The blond man replies that it only ends once and anything before that is just progress.

When Ben took Locke to Jacob's cabin, he told Locke to put out the flash light that Jacob didn't like "progress". So was that Jacob in the cabin or Jacob's other?

Any thoughts?

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