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February 19, 2009
  • Sarenaty

    Rousseau vs Dharma

    July 1, 2009 by Sarenaty

    This has probably been covered before but I guess I missed it. Pardon the repeat.

    Rousseau landed on the island in 1988, the Dharma purge didn't happen until 1992, 4 years.

    Why didn't Rousseau contact Dharma or Dharma contact Rousseau? Dharma people had to know Rousseau was there, at least I think they did. She began to broadcast her message from their tower in 1988, so they had to know some one was in distress on the island. Why didn't they reach out to help her?

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  • Sarenaty

    Smokey again

    July 1, 2009 by Sarenaty

    In season 1 Exodus, Smokey appears to Kate and Jack as a small smoke cloud hovering above the ground several feet. This appears to dispute the idea that it is unable to leave the ground. It appears above the ground in another episode, when Mr Eko sees it for the first time.

    Are these bloopers?

    Maybe the little smoke puffs are baby smokies? Yeah, kinda like Smokey's little offspring?

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  • Sarenaty

    In the episode Jughead, season 5, Richard told Locke he killed all the military people because he was ordered to by Jacob.

    If Jacob is the "good guy" why does he want every one on the island killed except "the others"?

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  • Sarenaty

    Is Smokey grounded?

    June 15, 2009 by Sarenaty

    The sonic fence can keep Smokey out, but why can't it jump the fence?

    It threw Mr. Eko up against the top of trees but can it lift itself off the ground?

    Is it land locked so to speak? Can it cross water?

    I would dearly love to have these questions answered.

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  • Sarenaty

    Ben killed his father and became leader of the Others. Locke arranged for his father to be killed.

    Does that mean all Other leaders have to kill or arrange the death of their father?

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