'since the beginning of the show , i have watched it 9 times, from beginning to end. each time it seems new and fresh to me . it is not boring.... its not tedious..... its still exciting...its not just a has soul talks to me.

each time i see a place that looks like just even a little the island i reallyyyyyyyyy reallyyyyyyy miss the serie. i missed the hatches...i missed the whispers...i missed the beach... i missed the mangoes....i missed the ping pong table of hugu... i missed james'slangs and abuses...i missed kate's bravery...i missed luck's leader ship struggle with jack....i misssed hugu's eating habit....i missed clair's motherhood...i missed charlie's " you aaaare every body".....i missed benjamin's sweet lies... i missed desmond's saying "brotha"....i even missed the MONSTER....

i wished it had never finished. never... .


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