I just watched Toy Story 3 for the first time. I loved it. The most intense part was when they were headed toward the flames and Jessie said to Buzz, "What do we do?" Buzz, always the one with a plan for escape, just looks at her and takes her hand. They are undeniably doomed. They all clasp hands slowly and face death. As we see each of their faces, we remember all their time together. And this is, finally, the end. They are just facing death, and whatever comes next, together.

This reminded me of that incredibly powerful feeling that washes over me as I think about the Losties all facing the great beyond together. They are simply facing a huge chasm, and all they have is each other. Of course, on Lost they were all happy when they were in the church and the light was coming in. But it's a powerful effect--all these characters who we know and love, and who we can relate to, facing death, together.

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