Isn't Eloise supposed to be the time policewoman who knows everything before it happens?

In "Flashes Before Your Eyes," when Desmond is talking to Eloise before the scaffolding falls on the guy with red sneakers, he tells her that he's going to spend the rest of his life with Penny. Eloise responds, "No, Desmond, you won't" and goes on about how the only great thing he'll ever do is push that button. But we know this is wrong. He does spend the rest of his life with Penny. Contrary to what Eloise insists, Desmond does choose his own path. Not that his actions turn out to contradict Eloise (she says that it's his path to go to the island and push the button, and he never undoes this). But why is she wrong?

Anyone have a clue about who Eloise really is?

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