This is a follow up on my last post on Anti-climatic moments on LOST. I remembered the story of Walt, and it thought ... this is a huge example and it needs its own post.

I mean, do you remember how intriguing was the whole Walt story, being special, then kidnapped by the others because he was special ... I was re-watching SOS and in it Ben tells Jack that "They'll never give you Walt". Also, who could forget: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaallllt !!!.

Then all of a sudden.... poof, he is allowed to leave the island as part of a deal with Michael, and we never see him again, with the exception of few scenes with Hurley and John. the last on being in season 5 when he is a regular school boy (granted he predicted the season finale in that scene).

But that's it. we never know what was so special about him, i know he can see the future, but no idea on how and why, what's with the birds, what did the others do to him, nothing. and all those who meet him (Michael, Hurley and John never bother to ask either)

You know, when i saw john visiting Walt, i was like YESSSSS!!! we gonna see some Walt answers, but nothing, they exchange pleasantries and go separate ways, what's up with that?

to me, the whole story of Walt is the Ultra-Ultimate-Anti-Climax story on LOST, but i have faith in the writers and i am hopeful for a good ending on that story arc

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