Since we are in a break from lost, i feel that talking about theories and mysteries will only makes things worse ... so i thought i should talk about the fun stuff in Lost, so I am listing my top funny moments in the top filler episode of Lost, Tricia Tanaka is Dead (3x10), they are listed in the order they appear, and you can tell me which is your top moment !!!

- Tricia Tanaka: Ahh, God, I always get these stupid stories !!!

- Hugo: So who's with me? ...... Paulo: Sorry, but I am gonna get some bananas

- Hugo: to Jin You have no idea what you volunteered for, do you? ... common

- Sawyer: to Kate and I got nothing to apologies for (OK, it was fun coz i just hate stupid Kate) no offense evee

- David Reyes: Hey ... hmm, your mom wasn't kidding about those candy bars ... ha ha ha just kidding !!!


- Sawyer: Hey, Oliver Twist !!!

- Sawyer: phu, Yeah, yeah snuffi, good to see you too !!!

- Sawyer: Jin-bo, good to see you

- Sawyer: Well, what a relief !!! (sarcastically)

- Carmen Reyes: it's been seventeen years ..... I have needs !!!

- Sawyer: Son-of-a ... what's a head doing here ? ... Hugo: Oh, that's just Roger (TOP MOMENT)

- Hugo: about roger oh .. and this man had a family, and a name, it's Roger Workman !!! (TOP MOMENT)

- Sawyer: leave the man alone, he is right, no fix

- Hugo: 10,000 .... Woman: your dad put me to it

- Sawyer: about Hugo International House of Pancakes (TOP MOMENT)

- Jin: Those pantz ... dont make youa looke fat (TOP MOMENT)

- Sawyer: in reply you got it, the only three things a woman needs to hear (TOP MOMENT)

- Sawyer: What's your problem jumbo truant ??

- Hugo: Shut up ... Red ... neck ... Man (TOP MOMENT)

- Sawyer: What's Jiminy Cricket doing here ? (TOP MOMENT)

- The look on Sawyer's face when the van was rolling down (@34:38) ... hilarious

- everything happened after the van started, specially the song in the background, "Shambala" by Three Dog Night (TOP MOMENT)

- the soundtrack in the background afterward is actually derived from the Shambala song as well

Note: there is a deleted scene where Sawyer talks to Hurley afterward and tells him that he (Hugo) was right, and yes they needed the hope and the victory. This scene was deleted for plot reasons as Hugo says he would run the van out, which contradicts what happens later when Hugo uses the van to attack the others.

Note: Eventually, Sawyer, Hugo, and Jin end up meeting the real Roger Linus, and all end up driving probably this very same van (either for security or for delivering food), so this ep has some convoluted connection to the plot, but we needed two seasons to see it.

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