First of all, i have been away from Lostpedia since Dec 2009 (i think) because i didn't want to see any spoilers, even by mistake... so if i missed any thing here ... plz excuse me.

OK ... we're nearly midway through the final season, and all major secrets are yet to be revealed, but i can now spot a pattern, and i am going to share it with you.

1) Secrets introduced later were revealed earlier.

- The incident (introduced in S02, revealed in S05) - Richard being present at John Locke Birth (and being ageless) (introduced season 4, revealed S05) - the whole story of Ben (introduced S2, revealed S03) - Michael actions outside the island (introduced S03, revealed S05) - Ben-Widmore feud (introduced S3, revealed S05)

As such based on this observation, we can conclude that earlier secrets will be revealed last, towards the end of season 6. this has already started:

- why the statue was destroyed (introduced season 2, revealed season 6) - the black rock (introduced season 1, revealed season 6) - why all the people on the plain were on the plain (introduced season 1, revealed season 6) - and dare i say it, the numbers (introduced season 1, partially-revealed season 6)

2) reveals are not always spelled out in dialogue, but through actions

meaning the characters will not come and say this and that, instead certain actions will be taken, and we have to make the connection. examples:

- Richard being present at the birth of JL - John Locke being "special" - the numbers (partially)

3) certain actions reveal multiple secrets

- the whole episode of Ab Aeterno reveals a whole bunch of secrets, richard, the black rock, the destruction of the statue, and others.

4) reveals do not necessarily match our theories

Finally, and this something i read in some comments on other posts here. the reveals should not necessarily match our envisioned theories. these secrets have been around since 2004, along the way, many things came and went (John Locke, time travel, Jacob effect, etc) and WE started to amplify, glorify, and complex-ify our theories and ideas to solve these secrets. when in fact they could be really simple and straight are few examples:

- The others - the Dharma initiative - Richard being present at JL birth - the black Rock - the destruction of the statue.

5) OK, so based on that, here is how i think all the major secrets will be revealed

we will have a series of Actions and events that will reveal multiple secrets, some will be directly revealed, others will be revealed indirectly, i.e. we will have to connect the dots. i think this is what the writers meant when they said once that not all secrets would be revealed. i think they meant not revealed literally (in dialogue).

The bigger the secrets, the later they will come. as such, and using logic, we can deduce this ... the bigger the secrets => the later they are revealed, but the bigger the secrets => the bigger the connections (to other secrets) ... therefore the bigger the reveals.

Again, this has already started with Ab Aeterno, this episode revealed a whole bunch of secrets, some revelations were simpler than what i thought, but it was enjoyable nevertheless.

So it is only logical that the biggest secrets of the show, the ones introduced in season 1 will be revealed towards the end of season 6, and en block and in an explosive manner. So, starting form Ab Aeterno, expect a series of exploding secret revealing episodes, so enjoy. (and give the writers a break)


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