NOTE: Ooops, i made an error and duplicated this post (the only difference is the title). My apologies.... and since there were already some comments on both replicas, i couldn't delete either :)

Remember those episodes where if you cut 95% of the airtime you'd lose nothing of the plot, IMO i believe these eps were the reason why lots of ppl stopped watching Lost, including me.In all honesty, some of them were lots of fun, others were out right pain in the A##. Here they are, listed from the best (top), to the worst (bottom)

Tricia Tenaka is dead (3x10)

to me, this is the best filler ep, lots of funny moments of Sawyer vs. Hurley, who can forget the "International House of Pancakes, LOLOL".

Dave (2x18 Hurely's connection to libby)

Another Hurley ep, this one was not boring, it was kind of thrilling, but it still fits the criteria of a filler ep, the whole ep is about hurely chasing Dave, the reason this ep is in 2nd place is because of the shocking ending, that was great.

Expose (3x14)

This ep was fun to watch, because of the convoluted storyline (see the end first, then see how it happened), was great, but still, nothing was added to the main plot

the whole truth (2x16)

from here on, boredom and pain starts, I mean watching a married couple fighting is boring enough, having to read subtitles of that fight was really painful.

Stranger in Strange Land (3x9)

this ep was about Jack's tattoos, i understand how they managed to fit them into the story, but one whole ep is just tool long, i think the whole ep could have been summed in just one scene, where the lady translates the tattoos (he walks amongst us, but he's not one of us)

Par Avon (3x12)

this was about Clair's past, how she put her mom in the comma and how she met her father, again, the story was overstretched to the point of pain. To see the difference, Jack found out that Clair was sister in just one scene in season 4.

Everybody hates Hugo (2x4)

Hugo again, it's kinda funny, he gets the top two spots, and the second last bottom .. till today, i don't know what was the point of this ep, feeling guilty about food? hurting your friend? who the hell cares, just get on with the story!!

SOS (Bernard & Rose)

SOS in my opinion is the worst produced episode of LOST (in terms of plot), it was utterly painful to watch. here is why, this ep came right after another filler episode (Dave), both came after an explosive ep (Lockdown). So, at this point I felt i was being cheated and i was really getting pissed. There were some great events going on, so who the hell cares about how B and R met?

Now, some analysis: If you notice, ALL of the filler eps were in seasons 2 and 3 ... that's when the produces were stretching the story coz they didn't have any direction or plan. that's the time where lost dropped in ratings. BUT starting from the second part of season 3 onward, Lost regained its thrill, simply because filler episodes were removed !!!

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