I know what you thinking .... Dude ... we kinda knew that forever ago!! i know ... just hear me out.

Hugu is Special for some reasons, some are well known to all of us, others maybe hidden, i am gonna list them and you can tell me what you think:

The well known reasons:

- He could see the Cabin (in fact was invited to come in, but he was too afraid - There is big green bird that calls him by name (happened twice, in seasons 1 & 2 finales) - His connection to the numbers, some say it is actually HIS voice on the transmission of the numbers

The not so talked about reasons:

His mind control, well power, brain power, hand-eye coordination, whatever you call it as demonstrated when:

- when he was able to shoot and score everytime when he was playing basket basket ball with Jack, in fact jack said: "Do u ever miss?"

- when he was able to beat Sawyer (in the same episode) in the game of "horse", despite never playing that game before. both games require hand-eye coordination, mind controll, well power, etc.

- when he was able to get rid of charile at the hospital (again, same episode), notice charlie was seen by someone else, meaning he wasn't an imagination.

- when he was able to restart a car that has been idle for 12 years (notice his focus before the car started). Personally, i feel that this episode (tricia Tenaka is Dead) is a hidden clue about Hurely and his "skills", and that it was not just a filler episode.

So what u think?

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