I am not talking to those d***heads who post spoilers on this site, i am talking to anyone who seeks a spoiler and goes to great lengths to find them. Please please please .... STOP NOW!!!

i have to admit ... i got hooked on spoilers during the middle of season two ... remember those days? when a single scene used to be stretched for three eps (remember John, Jack and Kate meeting Desmond? three damn eps and plenty of useless flashbacks) ... that used to be painful and annoying ... so spoilers came to the rescue.

i have to tell you, initially it was fun, reading these spoilers and knowing things in advance, and satisfying curiosity ... but after awhile ... it hit me. I longer enjoyed the actual show, i only enjoyed the spoilers!

remember when Michael shot Ana and Libby? that was an insane moment on the show, and it was not built up or developed overtime, it was like a sudden explosion ... like a bomb.

unfortunately though, it wasn't for me, as i already knew this would happen few weeks earlier (even before Michael returned to the camp). My friend and I were following the show, and i remember when he met me in the office the next day and was full of excitement: did you see what happened .. i did'nt see that coming ... this was the best ep of the season

that never happened to me ... in fact it was outright boring ... that's when i decided right there and then to ... STOP READING SPOILERS !!!!

there is only one way to do this, complete absenteeism ... stop visiting website showing spoilers ... and it worked ... i remember the shock i felt when charlie died, when i found out about the flash forward, and most importantly when i saw JL in the coffin (twice, in the finale of seasons 4 and 5) .... these were all great moment and the only reason why i enjoyed them was because i didn't read spoilers.

SO, as the show is about to END, do yourself a great favor, DO NOT READ SPOILERS .... this is the only way you'd gain maximum enjoyment of this show, it is really worth the wait, trust me, i know from experience.

As for the rest of us who want to avoid spoiler? well, whenever in doubt ... avoid. Dont go to sites showing spoiler, and as for Lostpedia, I am being careful now, i bookmarked the page of recent posts, and that's the only page i read, and when i smell any spoilers, or even possible spoilers .. i close the window.

But i know that eventually i will have to avoid Lostpedia as well, because those who read the spoilers know they wont enjoy the show like the rest of us, so they force us to read them, they want us to be as miserable as they are now, so ... don't get me wrong, i love lostpedia ... but i love LOST alot more, and i think at some point soon i will stop coming here :((


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