OK, i ready this in Daniel's theory page, and it was kinda interesting, so i just copied that part and put it here for discussion. Here it goes:

  • Daniel's Mother kept his "full" diary, the one she took after killing him. that's how she was able to know the future. It is therefore possible that Daniel found this "full" diary at some point in the future and read it. He then and deduced that he will die on the day of his last entry, or maybe because it is written there, perhaps by his mother.
    • In "The Variable", notice very closely his behavior before being shot... he counts 1, 2, then pauses as if he is waiting for the shot. It happens very quickly. Also, he told Kate and Jack earlier that he was a beginner with guns, so there is no way he was going to shoot Richard. Also, after being shot, he was shocked only because it was his own mother that shot him, not because he was shot.

Ok, so i checked that moment in "the Variable" (@40.28 - 40.29), and man-oh-man, he does pause in fear ... and the other point about him seeing his "full" diary and deducing his death makes sense because, after all, he IS a mathematician.

What you think ?

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