• Sami sh77

    First of all, i have been away from Lostpedia since Dec 2009 (i think) because i didn't want to see any spoilers, even by mistake... so if i missed any thing here ... plz excuse me.

    OK ... we're nearly midway through the final season, and all major secrets are yet to be revealed, but i can now spot a pattern, and i am going to share it with you.

    1) Secrets introduced later were revealed earlier.

    - The incident (introduced in S02, revealed in S05) - Richard being present at John Locke Birth (and being ageless) (introduced season 4, revealed S05) - the whole story of Ben (introduced S2, revealed S03) - Michael actions outside the island (introduced S03, revealed S05) - Ben-Widmore feud (introduced S3, revealed S05)

    As such based on this observa…

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  • Sami sh77

    Ok, I have been re-watching S02 finale (i think for the 10th time, i lost count) and we all know what happened when the fail-safe was triggered by Desmond. We know what happened to Desmond, Locke, Eko and Charile, and the rest of the people on the island.

    BUT, the question now, is this it? what effect does (or did) the fail-safe have on the time-line?, did it move the island (in time)? did it reset something? I remember in S03 reading funny theories that Bernard & Rose were turned into Nikki and Paulo because of the fail-safe, but of course this one have been refuted.

    But that crazy theory worked well with the whole time-movement-high energy pockets story. Because if the effect of the fail-safe was just turning the sky purple and sending per…

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  • Sami sh77

    well, let me answer the obvious, YESSS i do, but this is not what i am talking about. You see, part of LOST's intrigue is IN its secrets and mysteries. take that away (by revealing all) and the show will normal again.

    think about it, it's like a magic trick, once the trick is revealed, then it loses its "Wow" effect. As for a LOST example: i remember in season 4 seeing Richard watching after young John Locke's and actually meeting him, i remeber i was blown away with intrigue. but as soon as i saw in season 5 that that was simply because JL came back in time to told Richard about his birth date, etc... and i was like ... hmm oh, ok.

    so what i meant is, do you really want EVERYTHING to be revealed? or do you prefer so stuff remain a mystery ?…

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  • Sami sh77

    This is a follow up on my last post on Anti-climatic moments on LOST. I remembered the story of Walt, and it thought ... this is a huge example and it needs its own post.

    I mean, do you remember how intriguing was the whole Walt story, being special, then kidnapped by the others because he was special ... I was re-watching SOS and in it Ben tells Jack that "They'll never give you Walt". Also, who could forget: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaallllt !!!.

    Then all of a sudden.... poof, he is allowed to leave the island as part of a deal with Michael, and we never see him again, with the exception of few scenes with Hurley and John. the last on being in season 5 when he is a regular school boy (granted he predicted the season finale in that scene).

    But that's it. …

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  • Sami sh77

    Anti-climax: (for non native English speakers) is when a story is built and developed over a period of time, only to end in a trivial and a very disappointing manner.

    There were many great moments on Lost, and yes, there were many disappointments, here is one:

    in Maternity Leave (2x15), when Mr. Eko learns about appearance of "an other" being held in the hatch, he demands to see him and speak to him alone ... that whole sequence was built as if Eko was going to kill him ... only to simply say: "I am sorry" ... to me that was annoying.

    what about you ??? any other bad moments on Lost?

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