I think he was Ben. Or rather, he was possessing Ben. First of all, Smokey lies. A lot. So why does everyone believe him when he said all he wanted to do was leave the island? We saw that all he was really interested in was killing all the candidates so no one could replace Jacob. I believe his whole "I only want to leave the island" bit was him using phrases from dead people he had inhabited (similar to when he screamed "don't tell me what I can't do!"). Anyway, it dawned on me that Smokey did leave the island at the end of season 4. I think when Ben turned the wheel and left the island through the light, and ended up in Tunisia, he wound up being possessed by smokey in the off-island world. We are given several clues about this. Widmore said "I know WHAT you are" when Ben came to see him. Ben also said he couldn't kill Widmore because it was against the rules. Obviously Ben wasn't bound by any such rule himself because he killed Widmore later, but at the time, Smokey was inhabiting him, and apparently Widmore was something of a candidate. Also, when Ben was talking to Jack in the funeral home, he looked noticably more goth. His hair was jet black. And why would Ben be so keen to get Locke's body on the plane and back to the island? Because it was actually Smokey. Ben also manipulated Sayid into killing a bunch of folks. Why didn't he do it himself? Maybe these people were also potential candidates and he couldn't. What was up with Ben and the box hidden in the apartment? I'll have to look at it again, but it seemed the box resembled the game MIB found on the beach as a kid. Could this have been an early clue? Also, Ben tells the woman at the Tunisian hotel that he had been there before, but then when he gets back on the island, he shows remorse for having left, as if he had never done that before. So if Ben was Smokey, how could he have killed Locke? Well, I think at that point, Locke was no longer a candidate. He had left the island via Donkey Wheel as well and was seconds away from suicide. We know Smokey was off island when he appeared to Michael on the freighter and Jack in the hospital, so let's completely toss out the lie he kept saying about he couldn't leave. That was just something he was saying to get all the Losties to to fall into his plan. Either Ben was channeling him, or Ben leaving the island allowed Smokey to leave with him at the same time. If you watch a deleted scene on the season 4 dvd, you see Ben lying on the ground in tunisia while another "Ben" is walking around near him looking for a passport. That may have been another clue... who knows...

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