I speak as a converted fan who largely enjoys making contributions here, about a slightly irksome quality of this place and the Lost fans on it, the fast and loose manner in which things/characters are identified, and how popular opinion and interpretation affect the "facts" about Lost that this site documents.

Case in point: Episode:Namaste, Amy named her son Ethan. All hands on deck at that time were, even before the official podcast confirmed the fact, convinced that that this child was the one and only Ethan Rom. I voiced at Talk:Amy's son, in more words, "Wait a minute! That might not be." I was promptly told, in more words, "It's obvious that that baby is Rom! TPTB wouldn't JimmyJack around with us like that." This was echoed at Talk:Ethan_Rom#Ethan_Goodspeed_in_Namaste. The mention of the podcast (which I don't listen to), put to rest my concerns.

However, considering the strong reaction to my voice of dissent, I strongly suspect that the merging of the two articles would have happened anyway, even Podcast had NOT confirmed that Amy's son was Ethan Rom. I fear that no one would have had similar thoughts to mine.

Another case involves the Flaming Bus incident in He's_Our_You. Popular opinion likes Ben for being, at least involved in it, and using it to free [Sayid]]. Myself, more of me than not thinks it was pure coincidence, with Ben being smart enough to use it to free Sayid. I fear that too that popular opinion will sway what is documented, and lead to the documentation of the "fact" that Ben was involved.

Im more accustomed (probably due to the reveals on my favorite show, Heroes) to these kinds of reveals being more explicit, yet here, sufficient implicity appears to be enough for a confirmation of a fact. As I've said before, I am largely satisfied with my experience as a user of this site, but this fast and loose quality of this place's modus operandi scares me a little about being in this bunch that call themselves Lostpedians. --  SacValleyDweller    talk    contribs   06:40, 27 March 2009 (UTC)

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