Okay, in the Substitute, the Numbers returned. Each of the numbers are associated with one of the survivors (at least six of them). Now, F-Locke dismissed the numbers on the cave wall, saying merely that Jacob "had a thing with numbers". I doubt the veracity of this claim, as anything coming from F-Locke's mouth should be taken with a grain of salt.

The point, though, is I think the numbers ARE important. I always have, ever since they introduced them in Season 1. But what, really, do they mean?

1) If Jacob is the one who values the numbers and what they mean, was he the voice that was broadcasting the numbers on loop from the radio tower? The same numbers that drew Danielle's science team to the island in the 80's and were overheard by Leonard and Sam Toomey. Did Jacob broadcast those numbers because he had already narrowed down his list to those six? Can he know? He seems to have foresight into things that will happen, so maybe he knew it would come down to these six candidates.

2) Say it wasn't Jacob. Who else would be broadcasting those numbers? And why? It seemed to, in the long run, bring Rousseau and Hurley to the island, but doesn't that mean the person broadcasting them must have had the foresight to know it would cause that? Assuming that was their intent, that means this could only be Jacob, right? Jacob is always bringing people to the island. If the numbers didn't have this purpose, doesn't that mean this is random? The numbers? How they helped bring people to the island? And now how they coincide perfectly with the numbers associated with each remaining candidate? Not so random, right? But other than Jacob being behind it, the numbers must just be random.

Either Jacob and his numbers mean a lot more than Smokie is letting on, or they are random like he says. But there may be a third option, which I haven't thought of. Oh, and even if Jacob is behind this (my first theory is correct) it doesn't explain the numbers completely. Why those numbers, or why they are associated to the particular candidate? Thoughts? Theories?

FYI, this is my first post, so don't be too pissed if this is discussed anywhere else, because I am fairly new.

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