• Sabudala

    The Numbers return

    February 20, 2010 by Sabudala

    Okay, in the Substitute, the Numbers returned. Each of the numbers are associated with one of the survivors (at least six of them). Now, F-Locke dismissed the numbers on the cave wall, saying merely that Jacob "had a thing with numbers". I doubt the veracity of this claim, as anything coming from F-Locke's mouth should be taken with a grain of salt.

    The point, though, is I think the numbers ARE important. I always have, ever since they introduced them in Season 1. But what, really, do they mean?

    1) If Jacob is the one who values the numbers and what they mean, was he the voice that was broadcasting the numbers on loop from the radio tower? The same numbers that drew Danielle's science team to the island in the 80's and were overheard by Leon…

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