You know at school, you had an assignment set for a months time... its a biggie, but youve got a month to do it so its alright! you can chillax for a couple of days, its fine... Then about a week passes and you still havent done any work on it.. you've still got three weeks to do it and you think you can work faster to make up for lost time. Another week passes and youre starting to panic, and you tell yourself your definitely gonna start now! Of course, then you forget, and only realise you've got this Month-Long assignment to do in about a week at most! And you panic, because you have to cram everything in! You have to stay up most nights, finishing off extra bits that you don't have time to do at school... Well, my point is, Lost is a classic example of this :)

They came up with the core questions in the first season. They still had several more seasons to get to them, so whilst they're getting to that point, why not create some more mysteries and come up with more questions ? A couple more seasons go by, some questions get answered, others don't. Well... Now we are about 16 episodes from the end, and according to a page on Lostpedia, , there are about 375 unanswered questions (i counted them all myself, i may have been a bit inaccurate). And this is not including the questions raised after LA X the premiere. A Deadline is closing in on you! Good Luck Darlton!!

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