One of my favourite things about Lost, that i've only truly noticed just this minute, is that John Locke has been manipulated by the Man in Black for the whole series. John Locke was manipulated into thinking he was special, and he must have been very upset, as he was murdered, when he realised he wasn't...

But I bet what the Man in Black didn't see coming, is that when he manipulated John Locke into thinking he was special, John Locke, eventually, convinced someone else they were special. And this someone turned out to be the Man in Black's worst enemy: Jack Shephard!

So in many ways, John Locke did save the day! Not in the way he thought he would, but do you think that if he were still alive, or watching from above, that he'd be proud of his, albeit, legacy??? Do you think he appreciates the way his "Destiny" ended up??

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