So there's this new series coming on called "The Event", which is supposed to be the new Lost! (Which is obviously complete bollucks... They said the same thign about Fringe and FlashForwards)

Nevertheless, I'm intreged, as the story seems quite engaging (and again, so was FlashForward and Fringe).

I've watched the preview of it, and it does look quite interesting (and in case you're wondering, does this new show have some sort of plane crash? From what I can tell, yes it does... Sigh)

But they have tried to make it mysterious, just like Lost, and they've also tried to make it look a lot like 24 (presumably without the real-time concept added to it)

The only problem I came across the preview of the show, is I'm watching it, and I can't for the life of you tell you what was going on... At all... I know we used to say this about Lost (alot of us still do) but this is way worse... Lost was confusing, but they had the fixed concept of a plane crashing on an island, which could entrance the viewers for long enough... If you were to ask me what "The Event" was about, I don't think I could truthfully explain it...

Well guys, if you've seen the preview let us know what you think of it... I apologise for the overusing of paragraphs, (brackets) and ellipsis...

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