Never mind who jacob thinks will be The new Protector... Never mind what The Monster thinks will be the New protector... Never mind who the island thinks is going to be the new protector... Who do we think will be the new protector ???

4 - John Locke... To quote Monty Phython... He's dead, but not necessarily out of it!

8 - Hurley Reyes... The fat guy who hasn't shown anybody a sense of leadership whatsoever so far... But there's still enough time to surprise us yet!

15 - Sayid Jurrah... Kickass ex-soldier, with a vengance! Not even death can stop him!

16 - James Ford... He's got the balls, but has he got what it takes to lead once again? After what happened to his beloved sweetheart?

23 - Jack Shephard... Been trying to prove himself ever since Day 1... But does he care enough about his fate to do what must be done?

42 - **n Kwon... both willing to do what it takes to protect the ones they love... How much can their love endure?

Cast your vote now! (PS This isn't who you think would be most suitable for the role... It's who you think WILL get the role)

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