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SMIPOG March 28, 2010 User blog:SMIPOG

So this is a follow on to Jbd1234's post just below, about the two locks on the door in the submarine... Sorry Jbd1234, i just feel like i've hit something and it needs to be declared further than your post... Apologies if this annoys you in any way.

So there are two locks. Widmore blatantly has one of the keys, but does he have the other? Probably not, as this would leave no reason for the writers to come up with the whole "Two locks" thing in the first place. Also, i don't think it's any of Widmore's people either, as this doesn't seem significant enough to me...

So who could have the second key ? Eloise ? Locke ?

Eloise seems to fit the bill to some extent... They've always had a partnership of some sort. But it seems to have been suggested that they are no longer in partnership with each other, and it doesn't seem that Eloise is anywhere near the island right now... So i think its a no for her...

Locke could have a secret relationship with Widmore... You never know... But somehow i don't think that's the case, as Locke and Widmore seem to have a certain rivalry between each other. Plus, Locke seems to be surprised to hear of Widmore's arrival, so it doesn't feel like Widmore and Locke had anything specifically "planned"...

But this is who i think it could be...

During the Season 4 finale, we see Sun meet up with Widmore, explaining they have common interests... This seems to be the start of a kind of partnership, does it not? More to the point, Widmore could only find the island after the Ajira crash. I think Sun had some sort of tracking device, which she used to help him come back. When she finds Widmore, she will use her key (Which has not been shown because we would know then that she was with Widmore), and they will unveil... Whatever...

Plus, to top it all off, the next episode is apparently Sun-Centric!!! :)

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