If you had asked me last month whether fan fiction was a good idea for Lost, i would have said no... Keep it canon people...

But now I'm thinking, well, it would be pretty cool to see some attempt to show what happens Post-Jack's death...

Maybe to see what happens thirty years later... A group of people come to the island (although with Hurley's system, they DONT crash and lose half their group), wondering what its deal is... Then they meet another group: A mysterious group that they nickname "The Others". Only these people aren't hostile, these people are Hurley's.

The leader of these people is Ben, as, like Jacob, Hurley hides from the rest. That is not to say that he doesn't show up to them every now and then, to bring faith back to the group. Hurley also has the added advantage of being able to talk to the dead, so he can always talk to Jack or charlie or whoever, whenever he needs or wants to.

So these new arrivals to the island meet the new generation of Others. The leader of the new arrivals, turns to Ben, and introduces himself as Aaron Littleton...

Ok, at this point, things go a little wierd, so I'll just stop right here... But does anyone else have any ideas for it? Or even better, could someone give me a link to some new fan fiction?

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