Was anyone as shocked as i was when SMOKEY himself had a vision ?!?!? The big cheese of the whole show has scary trippy shots of freaky children too!!! He goes into the same category as Shannon and Eko! Big shock to see that the monster might not be as strong as we all thought he was! and what's wierd is that this makes his character twice as interesting as before! Sheer Brilliance! Lost at its Best!

Anyway, time for theories.. Some people think that the reason why Richard couldn't see the shiny blonde boy but Sawyer COULD, was cause they were "Candidates"... I like this theory, seeing as this idea was the focus point of the whole episode lets face it. I've also heard one or two people say that the reason why Smokey saw him was because Locke was a candidate TOO! This might not make as much sense, as although Locke was a candidate, Smokey wasn't...

So does anyone wanna hear my theory ??? Tough, cause youre gonna hear it anyway! What IF, Smokey chose to take Locke's body because he was a Candidate ??? What if Smokey took Locke's body because he knew that AS a candidate, he would recieve certain abilities (don't ask me what they are lol) that he needs to get off the island ??? Or maybe to get inside the temple without being affected by that ash stuff ???

On to my second point. When he sees the boy, he seems kind of shocked... He doesnt question his sanity or anything, so he must know about the visions on the island to some extent, but he doesn't seem used to it, considering he's been on the island for hundreds, possibly thousands of years... So maybe the candidates are the only ones that can see visions, and because Smokey obtained Locke, he now has visions too ? Maybe the side effect to what he has done... Meh, its just a thought!

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