1) Richard's death - Now i know a lot of people think it was too spontaneous for a character as important as him... To me, that's why I liked it! After The Candidate, a lot of really important characters died... Now the writer's are basically trying to say... Now MIB is basically gonna slice anyone who gets in his way.. It also shows how much power he truly has, Killing Richard that fast! You can't say you're not scared of him now!

2) Zoey's Death - Basically the same reasons for Richard, only her death was slightly more disgusting and blood-violent, but I guess that's what you get for being a Redshirt/Annoying character this far through the series... Plus I liked Locke's line straight after... "You said don't say a word, which means she's unimportant" Or something along those lines.

3) Widmore's Death - I know, there's a pattern emerging here, but I'll move on from death after this one. Firstly I liked that Ben killed Widmore, rather than anyone else. It's good that when Ben and Widmore were introduced, or at least paired in the fourth season, that he was always destined in some way to shoot the bitch down. I also like the way he was stuck in a corner, in Ben's basement, when he was killed... Alone... Powerless... Nothing he can do... No manpower... Makes a brilliant contrast to the character he's been playing since he was introduced...

4) Desmond in the FS. Not so keen on his beating of Ben - That seemed a bit wierd of his character to do something like that. He did it before, but he had just reason for doing that. But aside from this, he was brilliant. The whole get-arrested-then-help-kate-and-sayid-by-bribing-analucia-with-money-from-Hurley-thing was awesome! And the fact he's bringing Kate to the concert is just as cool! My guess is (and i'm sure many of you think it too) she'll meet Jack there and that's when the OMG moment will happen...

5) Danielle and Ben - I think that although it's silly, it's soooooooooooo fucking funny!!! Ben and Danielle are gonna cop off with each other, even though Ben was her worst enemy in the OT! And there's one line from this episode that will remain with me for the rest of my life, and it will remain, to me, one of the best moments in the show... "No, I insist, even if we have to kidnap you!" I laughed at that point!

6) Jack FINALLY meets jacob - An interesting conversation between Jacob and the group, and I like Jacob's remark to Sawyer! "I didn't pluck any of you from a happy existence! You were all flawed! I chose you because you were like me! You were all alone! You were all looking for something you couldn't find out there! I chose you, because you needed this place as much as it needed you!" Plus, i like Jacob's reason behind Kate's elimination... She was a mother... This not only makes sense, it works far better than something like "Meh, you're not worth it" or "Meh, you're not special enough". It works considering that Jacob and *** both had a mother who was too focused on being the protector, she didn't care enough about being a mother. Which begs the question; What if that's the reason why Aaron was not meant to be on this island after all? What if it's not Jacob who wants him off the island, what if it's not MIB who wants him off the island, what if it's both? They just don't want him to have the same life they had? Hmm, think about it...

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