So Season 6 has had a pattern, according to the majority of users on this site... This isn't my opinion, its just what i've seen of people's opinions on this site, mostly...

So far its looked like this, with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down...

LA X - I decided not to include as it seems about 50 50 for this ep... People either love it or people hate it, and there's not really a larger half either way really...

What Kate Does - Down

The Substitute - Up

Lighthouse - Down

Sundown - Up

Dr Linus - Up

Recon - Down

Ab aeterno - BIG Up

The Package - Down

So there's quite a clear pattern shown there, right ? Othe than Sundown and Dr Linus, they go up down up down... So who else thinks that next weeks will be bloody spectacular ? Keeping in mind that it seems Desmond is back now :) :) :)

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