Most people are thinking that the characters have been divided to two... Jacob's team (good), and Monster's team (bad). This is all good, and i'm gonna agree with it, cause it seems most feasible.

However, something occured to me about an hour ago, which made me think that maybe Jacob's team are more screwed than we thought they were. So far we've seen many main characters manipulated into Monster's side. But has anyone else realised that basically all of the main characters can either be manipulated, or simply killed off due to lack of importance?

Jack - Basically, although he's prepared to do good, he really doesn't have a clue on WHAT he should do anymore... Blowing up a bomb was NOT going to save everyone, and if he were thinking properly, then he would have realised that... Now he's just tired, and i'm starting to think he just doesn't give a fuck anymore... Which means that if The Monster makes him a good offer, Jack will basically throw in the towel and accept it (Much like Sayid)

Kate - Now hanging out with MIB's gang... Who thinks its gonna have a bad influence on her? Yeah, me too. Plus, after the Bomb Incident, she's very pissed off with Jack, and even if she loves Jack more than Sawyer, it doesn't mean she doesn't think Sawyer's right...

Locke - Done, as of "The Incident" (Deceased)

Jin and Sun - If they had to do something in order to make sure they are together... And they've kind of been hinting at that for a while now, pretty much sine the beginning of Season 5. Plus, if something were to threaten Ji Yeon, then they would do anything to save her, even make the ultimate sacrafice if they had to.

Sawyer - Done, as of "The Substitute" (Accepted the offer)

Sayid - Done, as of "Sundown" (Infected)

Claire - Done, as of "What Kate Does" (Infected)

Hurley - Now... This is kind of where my theory gets stuck. Hurley is such a bulletproof character, he can never be manipulated (evily at least) or killed or have a bad ending in any way. So the only way I can think of Monster manipulating Hurley is possibly by saying Jacob's responsible for The Numbers. However it happens, it can only been done light heartedly, they can never make it too dark!

Desmond - Well, he's also another tricky one, because first off, he's not even IN the series at the moment, imo, and secondly Desmond never seems to have a side full stop. He's only doing what he does so he get the fuck away from everythign, and spend his life with Penny. So, I have no idea. Buuuuuuuuut, at the some time, I am thinking (and i know i'll get a lot of **** for this) that Desmond might be killed off by MIB anyways... I'm thnking that his "Specialness" might not be good news for The Monster, therefore he might just kill him off.

Ben - Again, its tricky, because although he's been a bit of a evil dick throughout the series so far, including the whole killing jacob thing, he seems to be redeeming himself somewhat at the moment. Butt, like i said with Desmond, i think he might be killed off anyway...

Miles - Basically goees into the same category as Desmond and Ben.

Lapidus - Same as Desmond Ben and Miles

Illana - Same as Desmond Ben and Miles and Lapidus

Richard - difficult, because we don't know anything about his history. But considering how MIB's been towards him so far, it does feel like although he'll be difficult to manipulate, he wouldn't put this much effort into Richard if he couldn't be manipulated in some way...

Apologies for the laziness toward the end folks... The last characters are a bit hard to think about as we don't know as much about them. Plus i'm kind of getting bored now.. Ciao!

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