He's supposed to sound really evil when he says this... But does anyone else think that he has a good plan ??? I mean... I know that the good guys are on it at the time... So that would be bad...... But does anyone else not think that the Island deserved to be terminated??? All this "The island isn't done with you" shit, and all this "Makes you wonder what'll happen to us when the island's done with us" stuff... It makes you think: Wow, the island really is a bastard...

So personally, although I am designed, as well as the rest of the audience, to disagree with Smokie, and hate him, and wish him dead, I think he's got a good point on the whole "Destroying the Island thing"... It's been a long time coming if you ask me...

But then you have to ask the question: Well, maybe that's the point? What if this is the route the writers are leading us down?

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