What characters (not actors) do you think would be great on Jerry Springer?

MiB and his family would definitely be a good one... with a caption underneath saying something like "My Mother killed my friends and my brother killed me"

And Locke and his dad would be a good one. they always have strange family feuds like that: "My Father stole my kidney and put me in a wheelchair" then Jerry will bring a surprise guest onto the stage, Sawyer, which is where Sawyer will basically jump on cooper and try to beat the shit out of him, security will rush on stage, and the audience will start shouting "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!"

Then, there always has to be a story involving a baby: "My best friend stole my baby and now I'm insane". Claire would be brilliant on Jerry Springer...

Well, can you think of any? Or do you thinik this is just the most retarded post yet? Either way, don't be shy to speak your mind :)

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