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SMIPOG March 28, 2010 User blog:SMIPOG

Okay, so this has been on everyone's mind for... let's face it, quite a while now... Almost a year in fact... What exactly did that bloody bomb do? Well, this post is gonna give a few thoughts on what exactly it is about

Jughead WAS the reason behind the change: In the premiere, we were introduced with a new concept, known as the "Flash-Sideways"... This basically suggests that the Nuclear Bomb DID change time, just not in the way we'd expect... However, a lot of people are theorising that the bomb was NOT responsible for the change in the "Altiverse"... Well personally, I think that the bomb did change time, and my reasoning is this... Why would the writers dedicate so much important time in the series, suggesting that the nuclear bomb would change the series, only to have something completely different change it instead? The idea was first introduced in the 100th episode, making it important enough if you ask me. Daniel had to die, in order for it to happen, as did Juliet and a lot of DI red shirts. And the season finale was built around the idea, including the cliff-hanger. Why would the writers say that the bomb WASNT responsible for the change and waste all that time at the end of the fifth series suggesting it? It just wouldn't make any sense to me. Plus, Juliet has already kind of confirmed that the bomb "worked". This seems to me like the writers way of confiriming it to us...

Why does it have to be a NUCLEAR bomb? What interests me, is the fact that even though some characters argued against Jack's plan in the finale, and even though Jack and co realised how risky the idea was, none of the characters ever mentioned the fact that they didn't really have to use a NUCLEAR bomb... They surely could have simply used another bomb... Maybe a bomb that would be powerful enough to destroy the Swan, and maybe a large enough portion to F up the EM pocket, but not big enough to blow up the whole fucking island... Surely, someone (Especially Daniel, who spent vast amounts of time off the island) could have found a slightly smaller bomb to use instead of Jughead? But i guess that's something the writers wanted us to ignore lol...

Anyway, my point i was originally going for, is the fact its a NUCLEAR bomb is clearly important. a bomb powerful enough to destroy the entire island, and not just the essential, "life changing" area (the hatch), is crucial to the plot. The Flash-Sideways isn't just showing us what it would be like if they never came to the island, the Flash-sideways are showing us what it would be like if the island was simply gone. If the island doesn't have a purpose, the 815'ers/Others/Dharma don't have a purpose, therefore they don't have to come to the island. Whilst at the moment, this seems to be good news for the main characters, we're gonna see something towards the end, something that will make them realise that the Island was important.

In other words, I don't think the "Altiverse" is supposed to show us what the world would be like if the Losties had lost their purpose, i think its supposed to show that the island has lost its purpose. And its purpose is very important indeed.

So what is the island's purpose? Well, the last few episodes have been hinting that its simply a prison for the Monster. That's cool. I'm down with that. And Jacob has brought this idea around nicely, describing the island like a cork... At the end of the Richard Episode, Smoky smashes the bottle of wine, representing the evil getting out. What if the bottle smashing is supposed to represent Jughead? Why try and escape the island, when you can simply blow it up, or at least destroy its power source or walls or whatever you want to call it. So, in other words, without the island in tact, The Monster can escape.

Now in the flash sideways the island ISNT in tact... does that mean he's free? NO, it doesn't... You see, so far we've been seeing two versions of everyone... Two Jacks, Two Kates, Two Sawyers, the list goes on. However, we haven't seen two Jacobs or two Smokies... And personally, i don't think we ever will. I think that's the point... In the other timeline, Either Jacob and MIB died hundreds of years ago due to them not being supernaturally immortal, OR, they didn't even exist in the first place... Personally i hope its the first one, but either way, Jacob and MIB aren't there. Which means that neither Jacob nor MIB can manipulate their lives at all, hence the obvious change. A lot of people are wondering why Roger and Ben are still alive when they were on the island during the incident? Well, its simply to do with the fact that either Jacob or MIB (Doesn't matter who) never KEPT them there through manipulation. This is true for all the main characters.

Anyway, so... IF, the bomb had blown up in 1977, then we'd have been fucked, as MIB would have escaped, and he would have riegned on us, and we'd all be dead, or prostitutes. Or both! Who knows.....

But the point is, it didn't... And the reason for this is, that someone, or someTHING on the island knew that if it DID go, off, then it would be bad... So he/she/it decided to take the bomb and simply put it in another dimension, ie, "The Altiverse". It could have been Jacob, but i doubt it... My guess is that it's a third entity that we don't know about yet. The one responsible for dreams/visions. Maybe even the one responsible for the whole Jacob/MIB rivalry in the first place. Personally, I think it could very well be the "Mother" of MIB, who seems like she will be fairly important in some way.

So basically, whenever something is potentially going to destroy the island, something puts it into another dimension So, this kind of put's Smokie in a tough position, because it seems he can't escape the island in this way. The only way he can get off the island, is if he transfers himself to another universe... And THEN he can escape the island... His goal is to get himself into another dimension, and then leave the island. Which leaves us with the possibility of us seeing Smokie in the Sideverse after all, but it will be the original smokie, not a sideverse smokie.

If he gets to another universe, what then? Well, in this Sideverse, the island is clearly sunk and without any powers... So if Smokie gets here, he can escape... But obviously, nobody cares about the Sideways characters... At the end of the day, we're only excited about them because we feel they're gonna connect to the series in some way... So I'm thinking that as soon as he gets to the sideways universe, he can either destroy the original universe FROM the sideways universe, OR he can come BACK to the original universe, after ESCAPING the island, and therefore he's not on the island anymore, so he can do whatever he wants now...

Ok, if i'm honest with you, i'm kind of running out of ideas. I thought the first part of the post was good, but i'm kind of losing sense of realism here lol...

In any case, feel free to speak your mind, even if it is to tell me i'm wrong...

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