I loved it! Even the ending... Please let me know if you agree :)

SMIPOG May 24, 2010 User blog:SMIPOG

I do have one question...

So Hurley and Ben / Sawyer Ben Claire Miles Richard Lapidus...

They didn't die... Or at least we didn't see them die... Are we to assume they just lived the rest of their lives out peacefully? Sawyer Ben Claire Miles Richard Lapidus got off the island, and had a good life ??? Hurley and Ben stayed on the island, and protected it, and lived the rest of their days in peace?

Cause if so, that's fair enough :) I like that as an ending, i'm just a little confused about the fact they are all young again... But I guess that just goes with Aaron's case too...

But here's another question... Did Aaron grow up and live his life good and proper too ? With Claire as a mother too I guess ?

Well, that's all I needed to ask...

No wait, one last question, and this one's a biggie if you ask me...

So Michael is a ghost on the island, and so are the rest of the "Whispers"... So what's the difference between them and the Purgos???

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