Yeah, I know, the title sucks...

But basically, this is a little game that I came up with, related to the "What If" games that i've been seeing on this site, very fun :) So this game is a little like that, but with a few differences.

You know the fertility issue of the show? The way some babies die before they're born? Well what if one of the main characters of the show was never born? What would happen then?

Basically, it's like "It's a Wonderful Life" Meets Lost. It should be quite fun :)

This is the first of many posts to come. I only want you to think of one character for this post.

The character I want you to think about is: Jack Shephard

What would happen if Jack was never born? What would happen to Sarah and his Father? What would happen to the survivors of the crash? What would happen to the 1970s? What would happen to the island?

This is sincerely based on everything you've seen in the show so far. Nothing else. Just information you KNOW is factual... Thanks, I hope you have fun :)

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