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SMIPOG March 25, 2010 User blog:SMIPOG

This post is a bit sketchy, seeing as i read spoilers, so I'm gonna have to make sure it doesn't ruin anything... These are merely my predictions, nothing more...

How do you think the Flash Sideways are gonna end up? And i don't mean right at the end, I mean what happens to the characters to lead them up to their ending?

When Kate leaves Claire at the hospital, it doesn't feel like we're going to see her again in the FS, but i could be wrong.

When Locke met Ben at the end of his episode, i was convinced we'd see Ben with spinal cancer... which is why he is introduced to Locke, so that Locke introduced Ben to Jack, the spinal surgeon he met at the airport... I was wrong, but it would have been cool.

Jack's episode was surprisely un-revealing, considering he's the most important character in the series. I'm thinking he'll get another episode toward the end, hopefully filling the gaps about his son, his father! And who knows, maybe we'll find out why he woke up in the jungle the way he did?

When Jin meets Sayid at the end of "Sundown", I immediately thought, Sayid would untie Jin, and let him go, and they wouldn't see each other again (with the exception of Jin explaining how he ended up in the pantry in the first place)... But now i'm thinking there's probably a bit more to it than that. After all, Kate and Claire became best friends in the FS, which was very unrealistic considering the circumstances... I'm thinking we'll see Sayid and Jin go after something, much like Kate and Claire did... But i'll probably be proved wrong...

Ben's story seems to be wrapped up in the FS... I don't know, we might see some more... But i think we've seen all there is to see of Ben in FS..

Well so far we've seen James connected with Miles, Kate AND charlie... Kate and Sawyer will probably have more to go on. I'm kind of thinking Sawyer might be the new Mars... but i don't think so...

Oh i don't know.. this whole post is pointless really, i have no idea what i'm talking about...

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