Okay, i may just be stating the obvious, or just confirming what this is supposed to represent, but whatever the case, i'm almost certain that this is Right. Correct me if you think i'm wrong, but i think this is what the writer's were getting at.

Jacob represents Free will, whilst Smoky represents Fate. In the Crash Timeline, Fate wins. WHH. You can't change the past. Now, i do believe WHH, but it is very clear from the actions in the fifth series that the survivors could change things, it's just that these events are basically fixed in time, so whilst the main characters had a choice in doing the things they did, but because they already did them, then they technically never had a choice at all. Funny when you look at it, because although nothing was physically or mentally stopping them from doing the things that are already set in history, they still did them, because that is just the way time works. Don't get confused tho, because this doesn't just apply to the past, it also applies to the future! If you think about it, once the future has come, it will always have happened. The only difference between the past and the future is that we don't know HOW the future will end up, so therefore we can choose however we want it to pan out (Free Will in other words). Because the Past has happened, and the time travelers HAVE changed things, they always will... I REALLY can't make it any clearer than that lol, so that'll have to do. But anyway, my next point is:

If the wheel was never turned, then the survivors would never have traveled in the first place, therefore they WOULD have had a choice in what they could do. But the wheel WAS turned, so therefore they DONT have a choice in what they want to do.. They ALWAYS have to do what they did. However, now the fifth series is over, and now they are back in the future, and now, even tho time is already written, nobody knows how it'll pan out, therefore they can do whatever they want, because whatever they want to do IS what is written. I hope this makes sense. EXCEPT, there is one scene in the fifth series that disagrees with this... The outrigger scene where they have a long range gun fight in the boats with an unknown group. This scene is clearly set in the future. But because we've seen it happen, it will unfortunately have to happen, therefore the characters will have to end up causing this outrigger scene. They can choose how they will get to this situation, but they'll still have to have this fight. Is this still making sense ? In other words, because Time is fixed, the survivors don't get a choice, fate won't allow them to do it their way. Most of the events they were destined to do have already taken place, due to the wheel turning.

HOWEVER! And this is the whole point to this post lol... In the new timeline, Free will is very possible, as they never landed on the island, therefore they never turned the wheel, and therefore they are not obliged by fate, to do anything. They don't have to travel through time, they don't have to blow up a bomb. Nothing. They can do whatever the F*** they want. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is Free Will... Jacob's goal. This is why they were supposed to piss off the others, contact the frieghter, turn the wheel, blow up the bomb, and re write time where they can do whatever they want. This is what Jacob wanted. What the 815ers do once they land is up to them... The question is, what are they going to do?

Well i hope this wasn't too long, too complicated or too irrelavant. I don't want to feel like i'm stating the obvious, nor that i'm being too cocky by thinking that i'm totally right. I've just got a gut feeling that's all lol

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